Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Back Garden

I have three gardens, the smaller annual garden, which I try to faithfully tend, the middle perennial garden, which gets some attention and the large back garden, with both perennials and annuals, which is my orphan.

This year, there has been more than a few times that I have been out in the back garden and something I see moves me - so much so I catch a tear or two dripping down my cheek. Seeing my grandmother's pink rose bush - so resilient with that underground root system - last year it looked like it was on it's last leg, but now it is popping up all over the garden with shades of white, pale, bicolor to deep pink. Or the hundreds of phlox that began blooming the beginning of July - I'm thinking my unsuspecting neighbors might have thought those tall weedy looking plants were just that, weeds. But now they have exploded into a beautiful palette or color - some reaching 9 feet tall!

But I was most moved by my discovery the other day - a plant that I last spotted in the garden over 5 years ago - my favorite pressing plant at the time, the one that looked like a black eyed susan, but different - with leaves that swirled in a curve and long thin yellow petals that looked so whimsical. It was the leaves that I loved the most. I mourned the first year that it didn't come back - and searched everywhere for an exact replacement, to no avail. Dragging my watering cans to the back garden Wednesday to water a few newely planted perennials -I gasped in disbelief when I saw the first flower blooming on what ends up to be several plants that decided to come back to the garden for a visit......